West Mercia Police are issuing a warning to residents following several reports of two men collecting door-to-door around the Hereford and Malvern areas.

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police said:

“We have had several reports of two males collecting door-to-door around the Malvern and Hereford areas over the past few days, claiming to be from the charity Save the Children.

“The males are wearing red tops with the charity logo on them, and can become rude and aggressive when asking for money.

“They have also refused to show any ID when asked.

“Save the Children have confirmed they do not have any staff in the area, they would always be displaying ID, and they would not be calling round so late in the evening. 

“Action Fraud have been informed. If you encounter these scammers, please call the Police on 101, or alternatively report online via the Police Website.”