West Mercia Police officers in Leominster have taken to the internet to warn business owners in the area about increased thefts of cooking oil and waste oil.

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police (Leominster Police) said:

“We would like to inform you that recently there have been an increase in the theft of cooking oil and or waste oil from business properties.

“It is common practice that more than one male will be seen wearing hi-viz bibs/jackets and will try to show you an Environmental Health badge if challenged. This badge is not an official Environmental Health badge. Often these suspects will also be using a large van to transport the quantity of oil they obtain.

“Please be extra vigilant and challenge any unauthorised, unplanned visitors. If you are not expecting anyone, ask questions, check documentation or job sheets that they should have and call the appropriate agency to check. Keep yourself safe, but if you are able to, try and take down, observe as much detail as possible: descriptions, names, registrations and call the police on 999/101 so that we can investigate further.”