From West Mercia Police (Hereford Cops):

West Mercia Police have received reports of a business cold calling residents via telephone to arrange appointments to sell monitored home security systems.

West Mercia Police do not work in partnership with, or endorse, such businesses that cold call residents to market these products/services.

Businesses marketing these types of products/services have been previously known to make false representations and claims to encourage consumers to enter into unnecessary and/or grossly overpriced contracts.

Residents should be extremely wary of businesses offering such products/services, particularly at apparent promotional/discounted rates, and also being pressured into prompt installation therefore allowing no time for proper consideration or cancellation.

As always the message is not to engage with cold callers via telephone or on the doorstep. Anyone who suspects they or someone else may have been victim to such scams can report concerns to Trading Standards via the Citizens Advice helpline on 08082231133.

Local Trading Standards would almost certainly advise consumers to cancel any contracts arranged and will support anybody needing assistance to do this.