A planning application has been REFUSED by Herefordshire Council for two new digital advertising boards to be located next to Belmont Road in Hereford.

This application received objections including one from Ms A Marshall stating that the digital advertising boards could lead to more accidents in the area.

Ms A Marshall said:

“These digital adverts are far more distracting than the simple poster type. So inappropriate for road side location, where all those driving past will have their attention (even momentarily or involuntarily) diverted from the important issues around road safety. Please don’t allow this application to be successful as it is likely that an increase in RTA’s will result. To allow this to happen IMO would be irresponsible.”

Cllr Kevin Tillett (Councillor for Hinton and Hunderton) said the application to install digital advertising display screens on Belmont Road had been refused on grounds of road safety and character of the area.