Image Credit: Herefordshire Council Planning / Boyer Planning 

A planning application has been approved for student apartments to be built in the centre of Hereford.

The development will be built on land occupied by Underwoods Steel Stockholders on Widemarsh Street in Hereford. 

The vision of the scheme is to propose 3 blocks of student living, sat on top of a linear plinth. 

The scheme will provide 189 student living units in predominately 3 storey high scheme. 

As part of the design careful design analysis has been undertaken and the LPA has been consulted. 

A full planning application was submitted for a taller scheme and subsequently withdrawn and 1 pre application was submitted with the LPA. 

This has resulted in a heavily revised scheme with greater spacing between blocks, a reduction in height and massing.

After pre-application discussions with Local Planning Authority at Hereford and NMITE the site at Widemarsh Street in Hereford was identified as a suitable location for student accommodation, which meets the future aspirations of the University and the City.

This design and access statement has been prepared on behalf of Braemar Midlands Ltd and accompanies a detailed planning application.

It provides a summary of the constraints and opportunities of this site and an overview of the Hereford design guide, setting out the rationale for the development.

Full report –

Decision Notice from Herefordshire Council: