Residents in a Herefordshire village have set up a petition in an attempt to see action taken on speeding motorists.

People living in Fromes Hill, on the busy A4103 Hereford to Worcester Road say that they are concerned at the number of speeding motorists and they want action taken.

The petition is available by visiting –

The population of Fromes Hill village is segregated by the speeding traffic on the A4103.

Residents are forced to risk crossing the road to use local amenities such as shops, the church, public houses, and school pickup points. The road divides a number of footpaths, and a national cycle byway.

Parents are too fearful to walk their children along the pavements, and many are forced to drive their children to school. The speed of the traffic, and the poor visibility is so extreme, that the local authority is unwilling to collect wheelie-bins from a number of households. Residents are regularly harassed, when entering and exiting the road from their driveways.

There are frequent accidents on the A4103, and local residents are concerned by the increase in the number of incidents on the road, and the high speeds. The local population believe that plans to increase the number of households within the area will only exacerbate the problem.

The villagers want Herefordshire Council/Highways England to increase the area of speed restriction, and to introduce a new 30mph speed restriction zone. They also want a safe crossing point for children and other pedestrians.