A petition has been launched following concerns that a sixth form could be closed at a specialist school in Herefordshire.

Westfield School, provides specialist education for children aged between 2 & 19 in Leominster, but there are concerns that those wishing to access sixth form education could be forced to travel to Hereford, if a decision is taken to close the sixth form at Westfield.

The petition author states that recently, “there has been a piece of news going around from the SEND capital strategy about the proposed closure of the 6th Form of Westfield School, Leominster. Many people are annoyed with this decision, especially me (as a student of Westfield 6th Form), this is possibly the most important petition I have ever launched. Please sign this and keep Westfield 6th Form alive.”

Local residents have backed the petition, with over 300 signatures so far and plenty of supportive comments.

Cara Lewis said: “All children deserve a choice of where they attend 6th form. Especially those children who will spend their entire school lives in the school.”

Victoria Preece said: “Young people learn and thrive in an environment where they are happy and appropriately supported. Westfield School provides that and more.”

More about Westfield School (From Westfield School website):

At Westfield School we believe in creating a family atmosphere in which every member of the school community is valued in their uniqueness.  

Westfield School is smaller than most: there are currently just over 60 learners on roll, between the ages of 2 and 19. This number varies year on year. The school dates from the early 1970’s, but the buildings and grounds have undergone considerable improvement over the years, and now feature six class bases, two sensory areas, a specialist food technology room, therapy room, multi-purpose hall and sensory garden. Other facilities such as hydrotherapy and RDA are accessed via alternative providers.

Our playground is divided into four distinct areas to enable different activities to take place with no effect on young people requiring ‚Äėquiet time‚Äô. We regard playtimes as an extension of the curriculum and different activities are offered on different days, which enables learning to continue throughout leisure activities. It is a great feeling to witness four of the ECM outcomes happening every time you look out of the window: no-one has yet managed to achieve economic well-being out there!

You can view and sign the petition by visiting РPetition · Herefordshire Council: Save Westfield School (Leominster) 6th Form · Change.org