Over 225,000 vaccine doses have been administered in Herefordshire & Worcestershire, according to latest data released today by NHS England. That’s up by over 40,000 on this time last week.

Of those doses, 48,098 were 1st doses of the vaccine for over 80ā€™s, with 36,290 1st doses given to those between aged 75-79, plus 47,331 1st doses administered in those aged 70-74 years old. In addition to those, there were 92,581 1st doses administered to those aged under 70.

Out of the total 226,241 doses that have been administered, just 1,941 of those doses were 2nd doses of the vaccine.

More Details ā€“ COVID-19 weekly announced vaccinations 18 February 2021

Weekly Publication of COVID-19 Vaccinations

This publication currently includes data on:

  • All NHS COVID-19 vaccinations administered in the reporting period
  • Count of vaccinations by age band, defined as 80+, 75-79, 70-74 and under 70 years old
  • Count of vaccinations by dose
  • Count of vaccinations by NHS Region
  • Count of vaccinations by Integrated Care Systems (ICSs)/Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs)
  • Count of vaccinations by ethnicity
  • Count of vaccinations of residents in older adult care homes

Please note that the figures presented may be revised and as such it is likely that figures for the most recent weeks are subject to change. Any changes to historic figures will be reflected in the most recent data publication.

Data in this series will updated on a weekly basis, covering vaccinations in the Monday to Sunday of the week prior and revised historic data.

Regional and ICS/STP data is provided as raw total counts. Fair shares allocation of the vaccine will ensure that between now and mid-February everyone in the four highest priority groups, independently set by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, can be offered the first vaccine dose.

The series will be supplemented on a monthly basis with further information on vaccinations by patient subgroup and cumulative vaccinations by date administered.