Officers have paid tribute to the bravery of a victim in a rape case that went to trial but resulted in a guilty verdict last week.

On Friday (15 September) a jury at Gloucester Crown Court found Matthew Dickens, 25 and of Greet Road, Winchcombe, guilty of two counts of rape against the same woman in an incident in 2020.

Dickens met the woman following contact with her via a messaging app. After meeting the victim and one of her friends, they went to a bar. Later, Dickens went to the woman’s home with her. She could not recall how she became undressed but recounted how Dickens then went on to rape her twice and hold her throat.

Detective Constable Rob Brown, officer-in-charge of the case, said: “Dickens subjected the victim to a terrifying ordeal that will deeply impact her for the rest of her life.

“He then compounded his crimes by pleading not guilty and claiming this was a consensual act, meaning the victim had to go through the trial process.

“I want to commend her bravery and determination to carry on supporting the case when it would have been understandable if she had decided not to put herself through it.

“Thankfully it took the jury less than two hours to decide on his guilt and I hope that provides some level of validation for her courage.

“In the process a dangerous individual has now been convicted at court and, potentially, prevented from wrecking other people’s lives.

“My message to anyone else who is a rape victim who is worried about coming forward is that you will be believed and that the criminal justice system is beginning to change, so please do report what has happened to you. We are transforming the way that the CPS and police handle rape and sexual assault cases, and are working together to ensure that victims are supported throughout the prosecution process.”

Dickens will be sentenced at a later date.

If you have been the victim of a sexual assault, you can report it to police via the website here:

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