Latest data from NHS England indicates that the number of patients being treated for COVID-19 at hospitals in Herefordshire has fallen, despite the number of cases in Herefordshire rising.

Data for the 29th June shows that one patient was being treated for COVID-19 at hospital in Herefordshire. This is down on the previous week when three patients were being treated for COVID-19 at Hereford County Hospital.

The figures are impressive and highlight that despite cases rising in Herefordshire over recent weeks, it appears that the impressive rollout of COVID-19 vaccines is really beginning to keep the numbers of people being admitted to hospital with Coronavirus down, with very few new cases being recorded in those aged over 50 in the county.

Latest data shows that 1,795 patients are currently being treated at hospital in the United Kingdom with COVID-19. 287 of those in hospital are currently requiring mechanical ventilation.

Source – Statistics ¬Ľ COVID-19 Hospital Activity (