The North Herefordshire Conservatives have confirmed that they will field 25 candidates at the upcoming local elections, one for each ward in the North Herefordshire Constituency.

They have also revealed that one of their major plans is the revival of plans for a Western Bypass of Hereford. 

In a press release, the group said:

“The North Herefordshire Conservatives confirm they will field a full slate of 25 candidates at the upcoming council election, one for each ward in the North Herefordshire Constituency.”

Chairman Dan Hurcomb said:

“I am delighted that we are fielding a full slate of good local candidates. I know that they are already working very hard to share our positive vision for real change in Herefordshire after a damaging four years of the Green-Independent Coalition.

“When you vote for a Local Conservative in this election, you will be voting for a strong local representative who is free to vote and speak up on the issues that matter to their community. 

“We believe in voting for a person, not a party, and as such, we do not tell our Councillors how to vote or what to say, and that will not change.”

“Residents will hear more about our positive plans for Herefordshire over the coming weeks via our candidates on the doorstep, but we are campaigning for.

“A Revival of The Western Bypass to reduce traffic congestion in Hereford.

“More money to be spent addressing the dire state of our roads  via resurfacing work and not short term fixes.

“A greater share of funding for rural areas and our market towns.

“We are also deeply concerned about the recent reports regarding the urgent and costly structural works at the Courtyard Theatre, including the replacement of the curtain walling. 

“We hope that all parties will join us in pledging to provide funding to address the outstanding repairs if we win back control of the Council.  

“The Wards that the North Herefordshire Conservatives are fielding candidates in are as follows.

“Arrow, Backbury, Bircher, Bishops Frome & Cradley, Bromyard & Bringsty, Bromyard West, Castle, Credenhill, Hagley, Hampton, Hope End, Kington, Ledbury West, Ledbury North, Ledbury South, Leominster East, Leominster North & Rural, Leominster South, Leominster West, Mortimer, Old Gore, Queenswood, Sutton Walls, Three Crosses and Weobley.”