NHS Herefordshire & Worcestershire have asked us to clarify the situation regarding Dentist Centre’s in Hereford.

Earlier this year, NHS Herefordshire & Worcestershire announced that two new NHS Dentist Centre’s were to open in Hereford. One in the city centre, with the other located in the South Wye area.

The first centre has opened this month, on Commercial Street in Hereford, but there has been some confusion around where the second site is going to be located in the South Wye area.

NHS Herefordshire & Worcestershire have confirmed to us today that the former Bupa centre on Belmont Road isn’t the location of the second site, and is independently run by Imperial Dental Partnership and not NHS Herefordshire & Worcestershire. 

NHS Herefordshire & Worcestershire have stated that they will inform the public when a new site has been identified for an NHS Dentist in the South Wye area of the city. 

A spokesperson for NHS Herefordshire & Worcestershire said:

“To clarify, this is not the second ‘south’ site NHS dental practice that was announced by NHS Herefordshire and Worcestershire last month as you are stating, this has still yet to be finalised and as indicated in previously shared information, once the details are confirmed as to the premises and opening dates, we will communicate this.

“The practice on Belmont Road is a former BUPA practice and is being taken over to be operated by Imperial Dental. 

“It is not connected to the Central Hereford Dental Practice has opened recently in Hereford and people cannot register for treatment at the Belmont Road practice.”

For more information, please visit – https://www.hwics.org.uk/our-services/dental-services