National Highways have provided an update on the ‘nightmare’ temporary traffic lights that are in place on the A49 in Hereford. 

The temporary lights have been causing traffic chaos on several days, since they were put in place following a collision earlier this autumn.

In particular, yesterday saw long tailbacks on Edgar Street, Newtown Road and Holmer Road as a result of the temporary lights near Waitrose.

It has resulted in a large number of people contacting National Highways to ask for an update on when the traffic lights will be repaired.

A spokesperson for National Highways said:

“Thank you for your email in relation to the traffic lights on the corner of the A49 at Blackfriars Street in Hereford.

“I’m sorry to hear of the problems that this has caused and I do appreciate your concerns.”

“I’ve made enquiries for you and our signals team have told me that they are due for repair on Monday 13th November.”