MP’s took part in eight indicative votes on Brexit this evening in an attempt to find a way forward.

Here’s how our local MP’s voted:

Option B: Leave the EU without a deal on 12 April, as proposed by Tory MP John Baron

Ayes: 160 (Bill Wiggin)

Noes: 400 (Jesse Norman)

Option D: Norway plus model (remain in single market, customs arrangement, EFTA), as proposed by Tory MP Nick Boles

Ayes: 188

Noes: 283 (Bill Wiggin, Jesse Norman)

Option H: Norway model, without a customs union (EEA + EFTA), as proposed by Tory MP George Eustice

Ayes: 65

Noes: 377 (Bill Wiggin, Jesse Norman)

Option J: Leave the EU with a UK-wide customs union, as proposed by Tory MP Ken Clarke

Ayes: 264

Noes: 272 (Bill Wiggin, Jesse Norman)

Option K: Permanent customs union, including alignment with single market on future EU rights and regulations, as proposed by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

Ayes: 237

Noes: 307 (Bill Wiggin, Jesse Norman)

Option L: Revoke Article 50 if no-deal Brexit is not explicitly approved by MPs a day before we are due to leave, as proposed by the SNP

Ayes: 184

Noes: 293 (Bill Wiggin, Jesse Norman)

Option M: Any withdrawal agreement must be put to the public in a ‘confirmatory’ second referendum, as proposed by Labour’s Dame Margaret Beckett

Ayes: 268

Noes: 295 (Bill Wiggin, Jesse Norman)

Option O: If no withdrawal agreement agreed, seek “standstill” agreement with the EU while negotiating trade deal, as proposed by Tory MP Marcus Fysh

Ayes: 139 (Bill Wiggin)

Noes: 422 (Jesse Norman)