More than 70 prohibited firearms have been seized by police in a two-day operation in Craven Arms.

Last week officers from the Firearms Licensing Unit removed the firearms from a property in Corfton following information a licensed firearms dealer was in possession of prohibited firearms.

Officers visited the home on Thursday 11 January which led to the removal of 70 firearms along with other related items including insecure ammunition.

The two-day operation, in partnership with the neighbourhood crime fighting team, saw the arrest of a firearms dealer, a 68-year-old man, for possession of prohibited firearms offences. He has been released under investigation while enquiries continue.

Inspector Kerri Monaghan, Firearms Licensing Unit manager, said: “This operation serves as a timely reminder for people to adhere to the terms of their license.

“Firearms and ammunition should always be stored safely, appropriately, and legally.  License holders should also only hold firearms which they are licensed for.

“This is a great example of a joint operation where firearms have been removed before they get into the wrong hands.

“The firearms licensing team don’t simply process applications; as demonstrated by this case, we can and do investigate, enforce and prosecute where necessary.”