More people have raised concerns about the potential increase in congestion on Belmont Road, if Lidl is granted planning permission to build a superstore on land currently owned by the Three Counties Hotel.

One local resident has sent Herefordshire Council an objection. On the objection they noted:

“The need for another Supermarket in this area of Hereford is nil. Within a one mile stretch of road there are two major Supermarkets in Tesco and Asda, a Farmfoods which has recently been extended and more than one smaller independent shops which will no doubt be closed down with the installation of a Lidl.”

They want on to share further concerns about the proposed development:

“If you were to ask any Hereford resident that uses the Belmont Road (A465) to commute, they will tell you the traffic adds over twenty minutes onto their journey. As one of those residents the traffic is already a concern for me without the installation of another Supermarket. The A465 is also a throughroute for anyone travelling through Hereford.”

“McDonald’s Restaurant which is exactly adjacent to the Three Counties Hotel causes serious congestion throughout the day due to traffic waiting to turn into the car park having to wait on the A465, congestion that has caused accidents in the past. Adding a further busy junction, no more than 100m away will no doubt cause the road to be gridlocked.”

However, the planning application has received some support, with one resident saying:

“This is much needed addition to the city and well massively benefit the community. Giving more affordable food choices for those south of the river and allowing more of a range of choice.”

You can view the planning application and representations by visiting the Herefordshire Council planning page and searching for planning reference number – P221090/O

NEWS | Plans for a new Lidl superstore and Drive Thru restaurant in Hereford officially submitted

Plans for a new Lidl superstore and Drive Thru restaurant in Hereford have been officially submitted to Herefordshire Council.

The plans detail the possibility of building a Lidl superstore and Drive Thru restaurant on the land where the Three Counties Hotel currently is. The owners of the hotel told Your Herefordshire in March that they had no plans to sell. Companies like Lidl can apply for planning permission prior to negotiating terms with the land owners.

The planning application states the following:

“Hybrid application for demolition of existing hotel and associated structures and erection of Class E foodstore with associated access, parking, servicing, drainage and landscaping (full permission sought) and erection of drive-thru unit with associated internal access and circulation (outline permission sought).”

The store would have approximately 100 parking spaces and 40 full time employees. Lidl would like the store to operate between the hours of 8am-10pm Monday to Saturday and 10am-4pm on a Sunday.

Concerns have been raised on social media surrounding access to the site, with the A465 (Belmont Road) already heavily congested, with Asda, McDonald’s and Tesco attracting huge numbers of traffic and the road being one of the main access routes into the city centre.