A member of the Home Bargains management team has commented after a number of customers received parking fines when visiting the newly refurbished Home Bargains store in Hereford.

Several customers have reported receiving fines when visiting the store, but Tom, a member of the management team at the store, has reassured customers that the company will cancel the fines.

In a post on the Live Hereford Chat Room Facebook Group, Tom said:

“Good evening all, Iā€™m Tom a member of the home bargains Hereford management team.

“Unfortunately our car parking process is going through some technical difficulties at the moment, so please first of all accept my deepest apologies for this inconvenience.

“If anyone does receive a letter with a fine, feel free to come into the store and present them to myself or a fellow member of the management team and we will get these cancelled immediately.

“Apologies for the delayed response to this post but I have only just been admitted to the group

“Please once again all accept my apologies and know that we are hard at work to sort this issue out as soon as possible.

“Hope this comment finds you all well, Tom.”