A meeting will take place at a play park in Hereford, after concerns were raised by local residents and parents.

West Mercia Police confirmed that a community open forum will take place at the play park on Woodward Avenue in Newton Farm / The Oval.

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police said:

“South Wye SNT along with partner agency Connexus Housing, will be holding a community open forum on Wednesday 5th July 2023, at the play park on Woodward Avenue, Newton Farm.

“This forum is open to the community and we encourage you to attend, whether you live nearby or your children use this park.

“In the past few months South Wye SNT have been visiting the community of Newton Farm by going door to door and asking a set of questions about the area.

“Many residents in the vicinity of the play park have highlighted this area as a concern that is affecting them and the children that use it.

“This forum is an opportunity for the community to raise concerns and help shape and make changes to the play park and the area you live.

“If you cannot attend but wish to raise concerns or ideas, please email our team at herefordsouthside.snt@westmercia.police.uk

“We can only make changes together, without your input, little will change.”