A local company has been awarded a contract worth £130,000, to carry out improvement works at Governor’s House in Hereford.

Herefordshire Council has confirmed that S C Joseph Ltd has been awarded the contract.

In a decision notice on the Herefordshire Council website, the council said that it had decided:

“To award a contract to S C Joseph Ltd. This decision is to award the contract to S C Joseph to carry out these works to the Governor’s House, Hereford, following the completion of a successful tender, evaluation and moderation process.

“Works to include carrying out building improvements including window frame repairs, localised rainwater good repairs and works to the external canopy.

“To approve the works expenditure of up to £130,000 which includes £9,400.75 contingency and £14,101.13 for professional fees.

“Responsibility for delivering works to be carried out by the Capital Senior Project Manager within the spend budget of the Capital Building Improvement Programme.”

“The required improvement works have been assessed and prioritised based upon select criteria which covers health & safely, operational need/impact and lifecycle/value.”

The council went on to add that if it had decided to do nothing, that a substantial health and safety risk would remain in place.