A local band has a fantastic chance of playing at the Isle of Wight Festival and your vote can help to secure their place.

Jude Gummerson released a single with his Dad called Panic in 2021 and now has hopes of performing at the Isle of Wight Festival.

Jude has been playing everywhere around the city since he was 14 years old with his Dad at places such as The Left Bank Village, The Spread Eagle, Hereford, Orange Tree Hereford, The Barrels, Bastion Street Feast and more!

Jude is now the front man and songwriter in a band called Nova Park. They released their debut single on September 2nd 2022.

Nova Park are a new band on the indie scene. Their first single, Go In was released back in September, receiving support from local radio and plenty of great feedback from across the music industry.

Influences ranging from The Beatles, Oasis, Catfish and The Bottlemen and The Lemonheads, Nova Park are guaranteed to deliver catchy indie anthems.

The band was founded by Jude Gummerson who has been gigging since he was 14 years old, accompanied by Owain, Martin and Steve.

With choruses that will pin you against the wall, guitars so heavy they will make you crawl, it is safe to say Nova Park are one of the most exciting, young prospects about. 

With great songs to prove it and are even better live!

Vote for them now – https://hotvox.co.uk/artist/nova-park/