Photo Credit: Harold Sparrey

Ledbury Town Council has issued a statement, after the towns Christmas lights were put up earlier this week.

Members of the public were once again surprised to see the Christmas lights being installed at the start of October, with a similar thing happening last year, but the town council has said that there is a very good reason behind the decision.

A spokesperson for Ledbury Town Council said:

“We are aware that there have been a number of comments about the Christmas Lights being installed so early in the year.

“As we are sure you can appreciate there are many towns in the UK who wish to have Christmas lights, but only a handful of companies who provide them.

“In order to ensure these are all installed, and any issues resolved before the lights switch-on dates for the cities, towns, and parishes it is necessary to install the lights from October onwards.  

“As our lights switch is at the end of November we were scheduled for installation early this year to ensure any issues that occur similar to those experienced last year are resolved in good time.”