A member of the public has shared their dismay after a large number of moles were found dead in rural Herefordshire.

John Hawley shared the post in the Hereford Community Clean Up Group after a neighbour sent him a photo during a walk earlier today.

The discovery near Dormington has stunned several people with some of the responses on the group saying:

Sarah Bishop: “We found one randomly outside our house on our drive and when I came back from my walk half hour later it was gone. Could a bird/cat have taken it maybe? Could that be what happened here maybe? Sorry if I seem a bit naĂŻve. It just baffled me that this poor dead mole had just appeared and disappeared on our drive all in one day? Then for so many to turn up in one place like this seems so strange?”

Phillipa Jarvis: “Whatever the rights and wrongs of catching moles, I just can’t understand why someone would leave 16 dead ones in a beauty spot car park right by a rubbish bin.”

John Hawley – Hereford Community Clean Up Group