Tim Brett has just started an initiative where the most in need children are able to have access to a laptop. This is a press release from Laptops 2 Kids

Everyday there are children in Herefordshire who are having to stay at home and isolate because of Covid. However, despite the government providing some laptops to schools earlier I the year, not all of them have the technology to do continue to learn while not at school. This mean they are falling further behind. I’m a governor at the Hereford Academy (a ‘pupil premium’ school in special measures) so am acutely aware of the issues these kids are facing. And it bothers me. So I did something about it.

With the support of local businesses and Charites (and some really kind generous people), I’ve set up a charitable scheme called Laptops 2 Kids to help get the most in-need children the technology to learn remotely (i.e. filling the gap the government left). How does it work? Well the key is that the computers are already all around us, sitting old and unused on a shelf in the office or at home (maybe you know someone who has some!!). They are perfectly useable, but not being used! This is where we come in. We are calling out to all businesses and individuals to look on their shelves and donate their old laptops.

To make this work we’ve so far partnered with Sunshine FM (who are giving us some great promotion on air!), 4-Secure, one of the country’s leading secure data erasure specialists (one of only 3 who are NSCS Certified), who have loaned us their data erasure equipment, and John Finch Computers, trusted Hereford computer experts, to erase 100% of the data and turn them around so we can pass them on to the schools who need them most.

Hopefully this can work. We owe it to the kids to try. This is all about communities pulling together and achieving great things. I’m only 3 weeks into this, and have just received our first 10 laptops. But that is just the start. I estimate we need well over 1,000 for Herefordshire alone. But I strongly believe that together we can fix this

So why am I telling you all of this? Firstly, because I’m sure you care. Secondly, because you can help. For this to work people need to know about us and start giving.

If this sounds interesting and something you think you would like to support, please take a look at our website (www.laptops2kids.co.uk – another steep learning curve to learn how to set that up!!). There is more detail on there.