The Independents for Herefordshire group have blasted the local Conservative Party for printing what it describes as ‘misleading nonsense’ in a recent ‘newspaper’ that it delivered to households across the county.

In a post on the new Independents for Herefordshire website, the group that currently has control of Herefordshire Council alongside the Greens said:

“The ‘bypass’ was a Conservative waste of money. It would have encouraged more traffic at a time when we need to find ways to enourage less.

“Plus it would still take another 10 years to do and cost another £250 million+.

“Conservatives raised council tax by the full amount every year they were in power. Plus inflation was lower then.

“Government directed all councils to reorganise bin collections with a greater emphasis on recycling. The public were consulted on the plans and a majority agreed with the new arrangements.

“The new cycle lane was not our ‘vanity project’. It was actually part of a scheme designed by the Conservatives. Costs went up because their design needed improvement.

“Our Children’s services have been in trouble since long before the Coalition took over. The headline cases date back to when the Conservatives ran the council. Funding has been under pressure for over 10 years.

“The reason our rivers are so poluted is because Thatcher sold off our water to companies who want profit over nature. The Government still refuses to take the pollution of our rivers seriously, letting these companies discharge raw sewerage into our rivers.

“Money spent on Hereford city centre is aimed at actually solving the cities transport problems, which these roads schemes never would.

“Rural areas are undervalued by Government. It is they who spend billions on HS2 rather than local bus services. Not your council.”

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