Plans for a ‘Kill the Bill’ protest in Hereford have received criticism from hundreds of people on social media, with members of the public concerned that despite the organisers claiming that this will be a ‘peaceful protest’, that it could end up with violent scenes like those that occurred in Bristol recently.

Powell Gerry said, “I hope the Council and Police put a stop to this public gathering” and Hans Baranzeck pleaded with the organisers to cancel the event by saying – “That’s it lockdown on the cards again. Let’s not protest please and keep everyone safe. This is not the time to be spreading the virus more people.”

However there was some support for the protest with Karen Rock saying, “Staggering how many are perfectly happy to have basic rights of democracy and freedom stripped away. Bizarre. Almost like a large proportion of the population has no ability to reason.”

Plans for the protest were confirmed on the Extinction Rebellion Marches Facebook page yesterday with one of the organisers, Holly Miles releasing the following information:

“The proposed anti-protest bill is a real threat to us, potentially stripping one of our basic human rights to freedom of speech.

“It is ludicrous and we need to collectively rise up together to show we Herefordians and XR folk will not stand for this, it could be detrimental for the future of Extinction Rebellion and for us as people, our future generations and the planet – our home.

“The ‘Human Rights Act 1998’ was set in law to secure people’s freedom of speech and right to peacefully protest, let us stick together and not let our government take this from us. The protest will take place on Wednesday 31st March. It will be socially distanced, wearing masks, placards and banners in hand to let our council and government know we are not going to let them strip us of our voices. VIOLENCE AND VANDALISM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.”