Hundreds of homes are without power in Herefordshire this morning, after residents reported seeing a bright flash in the sky this morning.

The flash was seen by a number of residents in the Kington area, during torrential rain that hit parts of the county around 7am.

National Grid confirmed that more than 200 properties in the Kington (HR5) area are without power.

National Grid expects supplies to be restored by 11am.

The following postcodes are affected by this incident:

HR5 3BH, HR5 3BX, HR5 3BY, HR5 3DA, HR5 3DB, HR5 3DD, HR5 3DE, HR5 3DF, HR5 3DQ, HR5 3DY, HR5 3DZ, HR5 3FE, HR5 3II, HR5 3LH, HR5 3RB, HR5 3RD, HR5 3RF, HR5 3RQ, HR5 3SE, HR5 3SF, HR5 3SG, HR5 3TD.

In total, 207 properties are currently without power.