A housing development that is specially adapted for people living with disabilities is set to be built in the South Wye area of Hereford.

The plans are a step closer after Herefordshire Council approved the transfer of land at the site of a former bus stop at The Oval Hereford to Connexus Housing Ltd.

The council own this small area of land extending to approximately 57m2 which forms part of the adopted highway and is the site of a former bus stop (now relocated) at The Oval. It is located immediately adjacent to an area of land owned by Connexus Housing Ltd who propose developing their land with affordable housing adapted for the needs of people with physical disabilities.

Acquisition of the land will enable Connexus to build an additional unit of much needed specialist affordable housing.

The council will be awarded full nomination rights in respect of the housing to be built on the land. To ensure best value can be demonstrated independent valuation advice has been obtained and has assessed the
value of the land to be less than the value of the nomination rights and it is thus proposed that the land is transferred at nominal value.

Connexus will be responsible for undertaking the necessary highway stopping up process and for obtaining all necessary planning and other relevant statutory approvals prior to development of the land.