At this time every year, around 87,000 households in Herefordshire will receive their Household Enquiry Forms to check their details are correct on the next published electoral register, as part of the council’s annual canvass.

It is a legal requirement for households to respond to the form and update the information held by August 2019. As well as ensuring residents have the right to vote, the annual survey is an opportunity to sign up to postal or proxy voting.

The electoral register is used by companies and organisations for credit checks and to verify personal details, such as when people open bank accounts or seek credit. Not being registered on the electoral roll can have a negative impact on a person’s credit rating.

Colette Maund, Electoral Services Manager, said:

“The annual canvass is an opportunity for residents to make sure their current details are on the electoral register, especially if they have recently moved home. It only takes a few minutes to check the details on the form are correct, and then to confirm online, by phone or text. 

“If a resident is not registered to vote at their address, their name will not appear on the form – but they will still need to confirm this online. We believe around 5,000 people in Herefordshire are currently not registered to vote, and this can have an impact on their credit rating as well as denying them their right to vote.”

It is quick and easy for residents to confirm their details by text, phone or online at 

Residents can register to vote online at