Parents in Herefordshire join those across England today (Tuesday 16 April), with finding out which primary school their child will be attending in September 2019.

Herefordshire Council has made 1697 offers of places in primary schools across the county with the following parental preference success rates:

First preference: 1631 offers, which is 96% of the total offers

Second preference: 42 offers, which is 2.5% of the total offers with a cumulative success rate of 98.5%

Third preference: 9 offers, which is 0.5% of the total offers with a cumulative success rate of 99%

The balance of places offered, which is 15 or 1%, were to parents whose preferences could not be met and their offer was for the nearest school to their home address with available spaces.

In comparison to last year, more parents got their first school preference (96% compared to 94.2% in 2018) or a place in one of their three preferences (99% compared to 98.1% in 2018).

As in previous years, Herefordshire schools continue to be a net importer of pupils, with more pupils from neighbouring counties requesting places in the county’s schools than Herefordshire pupils requesting places in other counties.

There are currently 10 Herefordshire primary schools with waiting lists and 64 have available spaces.

The council has continued to promote its online application service this year, which was used by 92.6% of families compared to 90.1% last year, which is an increase of 2.5%.