Herefordshire’s election results are likely to be announced at around 5am in the morning.

Votes are currently being counted at Hereford Leisure Centre, for both the Hereford & Herefordshire South seat, as well as the Herefordshire North seat. 

The exit poll, carried out today by Ipsos UK for Sky News, the BBC and ITV News, has projected nationally a huge landslide win for Labour, with them projected to get 410 seats, with the Conservatives projected to get just 131 seats.

In Herefordshire North, the Conservatives and Sir Bill Wiggin are projected to hold the seat, according to the exit poll.

In Hereford & Herefordshire South, the Conservatives and Labour are said to be ‘too close to call’ with the Conservatives and Jesse Norman the slight favourites to hold the seat.

Counting will continue throughout the night, with the first two results from the North East of England delivering Labour MPs. 

One of the major outcomes so far appears to be the large percentage of the votes that Reform UK have accumulated. It will be interesting if the Reform vote in Herefordshire affects the overall outcome. 

We’ll have updates throughout the night and also early tomorrow morning.