Herefordshire Council has confirmed that it will spend £185,000 on equipment at its Plough Lane offices.

Documents shared by Herefordshire Council reveal the reason behind the decision to spend £185,000 on Audio Visual Conferencing Equipment.


“To direct award a contract via the Under Essex Procurement Hub framework EPHF001_Webcasting to VP-AV Limited to complete installation of audio visual conferencing equipment within Committee Room 1, Plough Lane Offices, Hereford, and to provide annual maintenance and support for a four year term, at a cost of up to £185,462.50, inclusive of annual costs.”

“Herefordshire Council has a dedicated committee meeting room (Committee Room 1) for use by officers to run both public and internal meetings. 

“This assigned room currently has four TV screens and a camera which staff can connect to their laptops to run the meetings.

“Herefordshire Council requires a solution which will provide in room audio enhancement through delegate microphones, enable hybrid meetings to be run, with some presenters in the room and some attending remotely, and allow meetings to be recorded and live streamed to the public without the need for external third parties.”

The money for the project will be found by reallocating some money from the approved capital budget.