From Herefordshire Council:

May half term 2022 holidays

We are providing funding for a scheme that ensures over 3,900 children and young people in nurseries, schools and colleges will receive financial support during the May half term holidays.

This scheme aims to support vulnerable families who have been particularly affected financially by the coronavirus pandemic.

Under the scheme, primary and secondary aged school pupils who are eligible for benefits related free school meals will receive a food voucher for the value of £15 or equivalent, for the May half term holidays directly through their schools.

Parents and carers of primary and secondary school aged children who already receive benefits related free school meals will be contacted by their school before the holidays.

If your child receives benefits related free school meals during term time but you haven’t been contacted before the May half term break, please get in touch with your child’s school directly.

Children who are eligible for the early years pupil premium and are not in a school setting, will receive a voucher posted direct from the council.

If you do not currently receive benefits related free school meals, but think that you might be eligible, please contact your child’s school, or check your eligibility and apply on the free school meals page.