Herefordshire Council set to spend £230,500 on 10 sedum roof bus shelters at Hereford Country Bus Station.

The Hereford City Centre Improvements (HCCI) project will commit £198,000.00 to this award, and the remaining costs of £35,000.00 will be covered by the Mitigation of Risk on the Network budget.

Decision Details:

“Commission Externiture UK to commence with the production, supply and installation of 10 sedum roof bus shelters, and other associated works via the KCS Framework route at Country Bus Station and to award a contract within a budget of £230,500.”

According to Google, Externiture UK are located in Berkshire.

The project will replace the existing shelters due to disrepair and poor condition, improve air quality through use of sedum roofed shelters, and replace the 12 stands as well as providing a standalone dedicated shelter for the City’s Zipper Service. 

The City Council have been kept informed on the development.

HCCI improvements will create an attractive vibrant city centre for people to spend time for shopping and leisure.

This commission plus contingency totals £230,500, using HCCI and Mitigation of Risk on the Network budgets.

The supplier has procured from KCS framework following discussions with Procurement.

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