Herefordshire Council is expected to increase Council Tax by 2.99% (inclusive of 1% adult social care precept) in 2022/23, with the council confirming that savings of £2.6 million are required and the increase in council tax would help to deliver a balanced budget.

Recommendations from the Council’s cabinet to full council detail the following:

To recommend to Council the proposed 2022/23 budget and associated medium term financial strategy and treasury management strategy for recommendation to Council 11 February.

“The proposed budget reflects current and expected service delivery requirements and the provisional local government settlement announced on 16 December 2021. Overall the base budget for 2022/23 is proposed to increase to fund budget pressures. Savings of £2.6m are required in 2022/23 and an increase in council tax of 2.99% (inclusive of 1% adult social care precept) is proposed to deliver a balanced budget.”

The proposed increase would see Council Tax for Band D households increasing from £1,652.30 to £1,701.70.

The decision will be made when the council meets on the 11th February to discuss its budget.