Herefordshire Council has confirmed that £87,220 is to be spent on roofing works at Maylord Orchards in Hereford.

Documents shared by Herefordshire Council show that Central Roofing & Building Services Ltd will be carrying out the work following a successful tender for the job.

The documents shared by Herefordshire Council said:

“Award a contract to Central Roofing & Building Services Ltd at Maylord Orchard in Hereford following a successful tender.

“Approve the expenditure of up to £87,220.33 of the works, which includes a 5% contingency of £3,792.19, and 10% internal and external professional fees of £7,584.38.

“Responsibility for delivering works to be carried out by the Capital Senior Project Manager within the spend budget of the Capital Building Improvement Programme.”

Members of the public have noted roof leaks in Maylord Orchards for quite some time, and the council says that by not spending this money, it could incur higher costs in the future and that it could compromise health and safety.