ANYONE who has seen the BBC TV series ‘The Sheriffs are Coming’ would know that those words are not usually followed by a happy event.

But Hereford’s veteran fundraiser Alan Blake could point to exactly the opposite experience when he was visited by not one but two High Sheriffs of Herefordshire to give his efforts a welcome boost.

The current holder of the office, Jo Hilditch, was joined by her predecessor Tricia Thomas for a circuit of 89-year-old Alan’s steep riverside garden as he continues his bid to raise £100,000 for Rotary, Parkinson’s and Burghill parish church.

Alan’s daily marathon journey around the 120 steep steps in his garden has seen him climb the equivalent of all the local hills and UK mountains, as well as the Matterhorn.

He’s now climbing the Eiger with his eyes firmly set on Everest to complete his incredible effort.

“It is lovely to be a small support to Alan’s endeavours and I wish him every success,” said Tricia.

“What a great man and what a project,” said Jo. “I loved doing a circuit with Alan and supporting him as Herefordshire High Sheriff.”

If you would like to make a donation and help support his determination to take on something this energetic for his 90th year then please go to justgiving page