Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service is urging people to consider access for the emergency services when parking their vehicles following issues in Kidderminster.

In the early hours of Friday May 19, the first Wyre Forest Fire Station crew on scene was delayed in reaching what turned out to be a severe house fire in Peel Street.

Poorly-parked cars made access difficult and the fire engine driver had to make several manoeuvres to enable the appliance to safely enter the road which is a narrow street with terraced houses.

Wyre Forest Watch Commander Simon Jelfs said: “There was double parking at the junction into Peel Street and another car parked away from the kerb further along. It was just after midnight and pitch black.

“It can all cost valuable time when responding to emergencies.

“We had initially thought we were responding to a fire that had been extinguished after a lady had dropped a candle on her bed.

“But the fire had re-ignited without the occupier knowing and it was coming out of the windows on the top floor when we got there.

“The whole of the top floor and the roof was destroyed.

“We would ask people to please consider access for the emergency services when parking their vehicles.”

Firefighters led the occupier, a woman in her 70s, to safety and she was treated for injuries the West Midlands Ambulance Service described as “not believed to be serious” while neighbouring properties were evacuated.