From Herefordshire Council:

Hereford can be difficult to get into and around, whether on foot, by bike, by car, bus or train.

The city needs better planned and integrated public transport to create real movement choice, a more resilient road network for those who genuinely need to use their cars, and improved safety for all road users.

Hereford needs more homes to ensure that future generations of people can continue to live here.

Reducing carbon emissions and improving biodiversity are key priorities. The city needs to adapt if Hereford is to play its part in dealing with the current climate and biodiversity emergency.

Hereford needs to prepare for an already changing climate. This will require nature-based solutions, such as making better use of the green spaces and network of waterways in and around the city to address impacts including flood risk.

We want to make Hereford an even better city – a greener, healthier, and safer place to live for all.

We want to ensure the city is easier to get to and around, whether you’re travelling on foot, by bike, by car, bus, or train. Better choice in how we move should reduce short-trip car journeys, reducing congestion.

As the city is transformed for the future, we want to enhance the historic centre, maximise green space, explore the potential for new affordable, high-quality city centre homes, reduce carbon emissions and adapt the city for a changing climate.

All these aims are being considered as part of a new masterplan for the city.

By providing a coherent vision aligned with national policy, the masterplan will ensure future improvements to the city and county are coordinated and provide a compelling case to gain the funding needed to achieve them.

View the Hereford Masterplan consultation now –