A Hereford restaurant owner has sent a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the UK Government. It comes as many businesses share concerns that employees could be forced to self-isolate after the 19th July, if cases continue to rise and the reopening goes ahead.

The letter was sent by A Rule of Tum:

Over the last months, many people on many occasions have spoken about the damage being caused to the hospitality sector by Covid and the rules and regulations that have been brought into force because of it. Here, at A Rule of Tum, our team have worked hard to conform to the rules, to serve our community and secure employment for all of our team members. We have innovated, launching new brands, introduced home delivery and created outside spaces so that we could keep trading. We are fighters, not complainers. But, the latest developments to Covid restrictions threaten the survival of our business and the employment it creates. Many staff will be told to self-isolate over the next six weeks and this will impact on the ability of businesses like ours trade. This is not sustainable position. We would raise the following points for your consideration:-

  • Numerous staff members are being told to isolate for 10 days at a time. Many of these people have moved jobs recently to help us through this time and consequently may not qualify for furlough.
  • We understand the need to protect the most vulnerable in our society and would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those in care services for their extended hard work, as such we will be continue to support NHS and care workers where we can with free coffee and as a small thank you.
  • We believe that the VAT rate applied to hospitality in the UK should be brought into line with the lower rates applied within many European countries and as an interim measure that the 5% VAT rate should be continued until normal trading can be resumed.
  • We would ask for a change to the self-isolation rules for close contacts of a positive case. Rather than self-isolate, to take a PCR test to determine possible infection. We would also like the see the need for fully vaccinated people to not have to self-isolate brought forward to the 19th July when all social distancing and wearing of masks will end.

We feel strongly that without changes to self-isolation rules and a continued reduction in VAT for the hospitality sector, that business failures will increase causing long term damage to the sector, employment and our ability to repay the generous support that we have all received.Thank you.
Show support and sign the letter via our website www.aruleoftum.com.