The Family Furnishers Limited based on Catherine Street in Hereford celebrates its 35th year in business this year.

They began life back in 1989 when husband and wife team Paul & Veronica had progressed from car boot sales and market stalls to opening in a basement section of the warehouse selling second hand furniture under the name ‘Treasure Trove’.

The warehouse known locally as the “Banana House” due to its fruit & veg background was a bit of a mini market with around 10 different businesses from kitchen suppliers, sports stall and even a photographic studio.

The duo in their early days would sell just about anything – however second hand furniture was the main area that the business had great success with.

As time passed and the other businesses drifted away, they slowly expanded and found that due to their hardworking nature and great customer service they were getting demand for more products.

This led to them expanding into catalogue returns and manufacturer’s cancelled orders where products were being offered at a fraction of their normal price.

This was hugely successful and led to rapid expansion during the 90’s and by the late 90’s the business grew from the duo to a team of staff who were selected to ensure they maintained the friendly, helpful attitude and understood the importance of customer satisfaction.

During the early 2000’s was when the business really made its impression on the furniture scene which now included Chris (Paul & Veronica’s Son) and this trio meant a strong leadership which lead to the birth of the name ‘The Family Furnishers Limited’.

Paul was now spending most of his time sourcing furniture from all over the world to ensure that the business was offering quality products and with his unique negotiating skills meant products could be sold far below the high street prices. Veronica now is taking more of a background role – but very much involved in accounts and helping out when needed.

Chris became, and still is, the manager and has great passion for the business and likes the task of sourcing products to meet customer requirements.

During these years the company was buying big, as this was the key to getting maximum value for money and this remains the same today meaning a large selection of stock is held.

Goods are delivered quickly to the customer by their own staff, who are experienced in handling furniture and services offered, such as home assembly and old bed removal means customers are benefitting all round.

These values which the company was built on remain the same today and whilst the original duo have taken more of a back step, son Chris and his loyal team of staff can still be seen doing what the company does best.

ADDRESS: 8-10 Catherine Street

Opening Hours

Monday = 9am – 3pm
Tuesday = 9am – 3pm
Wednesday = 9am – 3pm
Thursday = CLOSED
Friday = 9am – 3pm
Saturday = 9am – 3pm
Sunday = CLOSED

Bank Holidays = CLOSED