A Hereford family have shared their frustration after records of their tests for #COVID19 were lost.

Jamie Brown and his family attended the pop up testing facility at Merton Meadow car park in Hereford last Tuesday and were told to expect a text around 2-5 days later to receive their results.

The family then called the helpline today to see if they had an update, only to be told that there was no record of their tests taking place and that they would have to apply again to be retested.

Jamie said:

“Me, my mum and her partner all went to get a test done on Tuesday. They said to wait 2-5 days to get the results. We phoned the helpline shown on the card today and they told us that they have no record of us being tested at all. The only advice they could give was for us to re-apply for a test. This is stopping us key workers getting back to work.”