A local resident that suffers with severe mental health issues has shared with us how thankful she is to the amazing staff at Hereford County Hospital for saving her life.

Melody, a lady who suffers with severe mental health issues, was rushed to A&E at Hereford County Hospital after carers found her unconscious at home. Melody had been going through an awfully tough time and had taken an overdose.

It was soon discovered that Melody was unable to breath unaided and she was put onto a ventilator. When Melody woke up in intensive care and was confused, the staff were fantastic and explained the situation to her and they were very reassuring during what was a very anxious time for her.

Melody knows that she is very lucky to be alive and thanks every single one of the staff for giving her the opportunity to live again.

Melody had COVID-19 earlier this year and is now looking forward to the future and that’s thanks to our NHS heroes.