The Respiratory Team at Hereford County Hospital is asking that any patients who were issued with a pulse oximeter on discharge from hospital, and still have it, contact the Trust to arrange for its return.

Pulse oximeters are sensitive pieces of equipment used by nurses and doctors to check how efficiently oxygen is being carried through the body.

While they are small items that are usually clipped onto fingers or ear lobes, they play an important role as they are used to monitor the health of patients – including those with COVID-19.

Julie Manning, Lead Respiratory Nurse Specialist, said: “A Pulse Oximeter is a vital piece of equipment, issued by the Respiratory Early Supported Discharge Team, enabling patients to be monitored safely post discharge to ensure they continue to recover.

“We currently have more than 60 Pulse Oximeters that have been issued to patients but unfortunately not returned, so we urge patients or their families to please recheck that they have returned theirs.

“It could be that patients or their families do not know what to do with them now they are no longer needed. Please get in touch as these oximeters can then be cleaned, serviced and reissued to patients who need them,” added Julie.

Anyone with a pulse oximeter should contact the respiratory team at the Trust on 01432 364416 to arrange for it to be returned.

The department can, if necessary, send out a pre-paid envelope for the devices to be returned in.