A Hereford based school has been rated as outstanding following a recent inspection by Ofsted

Barrs Court School in Hereford received the rating following an inspection on 22nd and 23rd November 2022.

The report states:

“Barrs Court School is a special place to be. Pupils learn from the moment they arrive in school until they leave at the end of the day. Staff treat pupils with dignity and respect. 

“As a result, pupils respect staff and show empathy to each other. Pupils know that staff look after them well. They say they have an adult in school they can talk to if they have any concerns.

“At the heart of the school’s work is leaders’ determination that all pupils will make good choices, communicate well and identify and deal with any difficulties they may face.

“This is seen in all aspects of school life. Staff are aware of the smallest signs that pupils may be finding things tricky and take proactive steps to help pupils to manage this. Pupils are supported very well to manage their own behaviour.

“Staff expect all pupils to be as independent as they can be. They make sure that all pupils are taught to express their opinions and make choices. Pupils choose from the considerable number of extra-curricular opportunities activities that are designed to match their interests. All pupils have the opportunity to attend a week’s residential where they take part in group activities to challenge and inspire them. For many pupils, this is the first time they have been away from home.

“Leaders and staff work effectively with parents, who are very positive about the education their children receive.

“Staff have high ambitions for their pupils. They make sure that all pupils have the highest quality education so that they can be prepared well for adulthood. Staff know pupils’ needs extremely well. They use this understanding to create a positive environment in which pupils continually thrive.

“Leaders have carefully identified the important things that pupils should know. Highly effective teachers and expert teaching assistants adapt lessons so that all pupils are able to learn this information. 

“For example, in personal, social and health education (PSHE) lessons, pupils are taught about healthy relationships. Some pupils learn about how to identify safe adults, and others are supported to express their views about what they like or do not like, using suitable communication aids. This makes sure that pupils can communicate clearly if things go wrong. 

“Teachers have excellent subject knowledge. They use assessment well to identify the small steps of progress that pupils make. Staff are persistent. They make sure that all pupils can show that they know what has been taught before they move on.”

Full report – https://files.ofsted.gov.uk/v1/file/50205139