From Lianne Leigh:

“Hey everyone, a lot of you may already be aware that my beautiful friend Emma was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2021 at the age of just 34. In such a short space of time, Emma has had to deal with appointments, procedures, scans and a massive operation all by herself due to Covid restrictions. She has been so so brave, even though she doesn’t think so!

“I can’t actually believe that I am having to write this but Emma has received the devasting news that her cancer has not responded to chemo and an MRI has shown the cancer has returned in her spine and lungs. Her current oncologist has said the NHS can no longer treat her and she has 12 months left to live at most.

“There is absolutely no way that Emma is prepared to give up without a fight, being a single mum of three young children, Olivia 11, Scarlett 9 and Chester 22 months, she has everything to live for.

“I have been in contact with professors abroad to see if they can offer Emma any trials but Dr Stephen Johnston has been recommended as he is an expert in the treatment of hormone receptor breast cancer (the type of breast cancer Emma has) and is at the Royal Marsden hospital in London. Emma’s doctor is currently referring her to the Royal Marston privately but this comes at a cost. This is where you guys come in…. Please, we would really appreciate it if you can afford to make a donation to help Emma get to see her children grow up. No donation is too small, every bit of help is appreciated. We don’t currently have a specific figure that we need to raise but we thought we would start fundraising whilst her referral is going through. The figure will be updated when we know what the plan is.

“Thank you so much for your time reading this and I will keep you all updated.”

Update 30 July 2021 – by Lianne Leigh, Organiser.

“Emma is absolutely blown away by everyone’s generosity so far and thanks you all from the bottom of her heart.

“Emma’s doctor has referred her to the Royal Marsden Hospital in London who are now liaising with her current NHS Oncologist.

“Royal Marsden have advised her Oncologist that Emma be put on an NHS hormone treatment for 3 months which is absolutely amazing news.

“Her NHS Oncologist has advised her to continue fundraising as it is likely she will need to go down the private route at some point to continue her treatment to help prolong her life but also because it would be amazing for her to make some memories with her children. She is also looking into alternative oils and holistic routes which are very costly xxx.”

To donate, please visit – Fundraiser by Lianne Leigh : Help Emma get to see her children grow up x (