Herefordshire Council confirmed yesterday that it would be increasing the budget for its Green Cycle Shelters to £60,000, following an underspend on the City Link Road planters and trees. The increase in budget for the Cycle Shelters is subject to approval from the Marches LEP.

An update on the Herefordshire Council website says:

Cabinet Member Infrastructure and Transport took a decision 7 October 2021 to approve the progression of the HCCI project. This included a provision for the installation of city green cycle shelters. Decision – Purchase of Green Cycle Shelters as part of the Hereford City Centre Improvements (HCCI) – Herefordshire Council

It was noted in the subsequent decision approved on 5th January 2022 by the Interim Director of Economy and Place that a further proposal would be required for the design and civils work required to install the cycle shelters providing the concrete base and electricity connection for lighting to ensure the safety and security of the shelters.

A proposal has been received for £30,000 which includes a saving of approximately £16,000 on the original estimate through value engineering.

This is recommended to be funded from an adjustment to the CLR tree and planter element within the HCCI programme through the change process as part of the Marches LEP grant funding agreement. Ie forming a total budget of £60,000 for the green cycle shelter element.

The CLR tree and planter budget will be decreased accordingly. There is currently a forecasted underspend of £178,398.63 on this element due to savings made through efficiencies and design. Ie a reduction of £30,000 for CLR tree and planter will result in a total remaining underspend of £148,398.63.

It should be noted that there is no overall increase to the total HCCI budget as a result of these amendments.

Herefordshire Council Decision:

To realign the individual budget allocations within the overall HCCI budget to allow for anticipated project spend profiles, the effect being to increase in budget for the green cycle shelters with a corresponding decrease in budget for the CLR tree and planters.

A letter to be sent to the Marches LEP advising them of the amendments to the budgets as set out below seeking their urgent agreement.

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