The government is set to lift the compulsory rules surrounding the wearing of face masks when it eases Coronavirus restrictions on 19th July.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to announce this week that the plan to lift restrictions on 19th July is set to go ahead and that the decision on whether to continue wearing face masks will be left down to individuals themselves.

Robert Jenrick (Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government) told Sky News earlier today that the wearing of face masks will become a matter of ‘personal choice’ after 19th July, with the minister indicating that he himself would ditch his face mask but he understood that a large number of people would stick to wearing them.

The Sunday Times also reported this morning that from 19th July, you will no longer be required to scan a QR code to enter certain venues, including hospitality, meaning that fewer people should be required to self-isolate if a positive case of the virus is identified.

Coronavirus cases continue to rise in the UK, with the dominant Delta variant rapidly spreading, especially through younger age groups that are yet to be fully vaccinated. The rapid increase in the number of cases has led to some scientists questioning whether the full lifting of restrictions should go ahead of 19th July, with some saying that we need a higher number of people fully vaccinated before lifting restrictions. The government however faces enormous pressure from a number of sectors, including hospitality, nightclubs and entertainment, to reopen fully to limit any further damage to the economy.

Step 4: Potentially from 19 July

(to be confirmed, following the government assessment of 4 tests )

  • Reopening of remaining premises, including nightclubs.
  • Ease the restrictions on large events and performances that apply in Step 3.