Meeting the family this weekend? Planning a picnic in the park or a visit to the beer garden? It may be worth checking the weather forecast.

It’s going to be far from a sizzler of a weekend, with Monday looking a complete washout, with the most rain Herefordshire has seen in well over a month.

Fortunately, the Met Office forecast for today and tomorrow is better.


Dry and bright to start, then patchy cloud, scattered showers and sunny spells through the day. The showers may be heavy at times and possibly contain hail. Feeling pleasant in the sun, though temperatures dipping sharply in showers. Maximum temperature 13 Â°C.


Showers gradually ease this evening as cloud cover breaks to leave a mostly dry night with clear spells. Some fog patches may develop before dawn and rural frost is likely. Minimum temperature -2 Â°C.


Another day of patchy cloud, scattered showers and sunny spells. Again, the showers may be heavy at times, contain hail and will ease during the evening. Less cold overnight. Maximum temperature 14 °C.

More details, including Monday’s forecast –