River levels in parts of Herefordshire continue to rise, with a series of Flood Alerts and Flood Warnings in force.

The worst affected rivers are the River Wye between Hay-on-Wye, along to Hereford and down to Ross-on-Wye, as well as the River Lugg between Leominster and Lugwardine and also the River Arrow.

A series of Flood Warnings and Flood Alerts are in force on rivers across Herefordshire this morning.

Flood Warnings (🟥) and Alerts (🟧)

🟥 Dulas Brook at Ewyas Harold

🟥 River Arrow at Eardisland, Kington and Pembridge

🟥 River Wye from Hay to Hereford

🟥 River Wye – North Hereford 

🟥 River Wye – South Hereford 

🟥 River Wye – Hereford to Ross-on-Wye

🟥 River Wye at Rotherwas 

🟧 River Arrow in Herefordshire

🟧 River Frome in Herefordshire

🟧 River Leadon catchment

🟧 River Lugg North of Leominster

🟧 River Lugg South of Leominster

🟧 River Wye in Herefordshire

🟧 Upper Teme

Levels are expected to peak this morning at around 5.1-5.3 metres in Hereford.

Flood Warnings are on force on the River Wye from Hay-on-Wye to Ross-on-Wye (including Hereford City) and also on the River Lugg at Bodenham, where there is significant flooding.

There has been a lot of disruption with a number of routes closed across the county.

Strong winds have also caused issues, with a number of trees falling, particularly in the south of Herefordshire.

The weather is expected to improve over the coming days, but heavy showers are possible this morning, which could raise levels, particularly on quick responding rivers like the River Lugg.

There has also been flooding near streams, including near the Yazor Brook in Hereford, with a section of Westfields Football Club’s pitch under water.

As of 6.30am (Wednesday), the following roads are closed in Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

B4361 Orleton

Holme Lacy Road Hereford

Holme Lacy Causeway

A44 Monkland

B4361 Old Hereford Road, Leominster

A456 Little Hereford to Shropshire border

C1047 Orleton

C1195 Peterchurch

A4110 – Aymestry to Wigmore

A456 Little Hereford to Shropshire border

A4110 Leintwardine

A438 Letton

C1122 Wellington

Lower Bullingham Lane, Hereford

Bury Hill Lane, Ross 

Wilton Lane, Ross

A4110 Eardisland

C1033 Eardisland

C1032 Pembridge

Hylton Road, Worcester 

Brook Lane, Cropthorne

Jubilee Bridge, Fladbury 

Eckington Bridge 

Stocks Lane, Newland

North Parade/Croft Road/Dolday/The Butts/All Saints Road

Bransford Court Lane

Hanley Road, Upton 

New Street, Upton 

Ford Lane, Bromsgrove

We’ll have further updates throughout the day but if you can share your flood updates in the comments below it would be a huge help.