Farmers across Herefordshire and the rest of the UK are facing a difficult battle at present, with a large number of farms reporting a virus that is affecting lambs with significant consequences.

Belmont Farm & Equine Vets shared the following post on Facebook:

“It’s sadly turning out to be a very difficult time for many of our clients who are lambing at the moment.

“We have been called to a large number of farms who are suffering from Schmallenberg Virus (SBV) affected lambs.

“The disease is a viral disease that was spread by midges in the autumn when the ewes were pregnant and results in lambs being born with fused legs and twisted necks.

“Frequently these lambs are dead at birth but if they are alive, they sadly have to be euthanised.

“Frustratingly there is currently no treatment or prevention for this disease.

“While lambing time is always tiring and stressful, the significant worry of the presence of this disease significantly adds to the pressure that farmers and their families are feeling.

“Please remember that if you feel that you need someone to talk to, or further help with the pressures of farming life, the team at We Are Farming Minds are available for you.”

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